“WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me” – Wata did I watch?

I think it was Facebook or somewhere I saw some ad video for Crunchyroll for a new anime. It had some slice of life feel and a girl dressing up in magical girl cosplay being cute. She does a spell and feels she would die of embarrassment if someone saw… Well OF COURSE the neighbor sees and it’s funny to the viewer. The video I saw I was PRETTY SURE said the title was “WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me”. So I add this to my queue back on Crunchyroll and think nothing of it.

Watch up episode one: Not what I expected. Some kind of mix up must have occurred. This is just a less aggressive Uzamaid. What’s up with the female lolicon trope going on? Show had its funny moments, but did not include the scene I thought this show was. Overall kind of creepy, cute, rather awkward humor for a new show this season. Mostly creepy awkward though. Not sure if this would get any better. At least Uzamaid was slapstick and ridiculous.

I am pretty convinced the ad I saw was for a different show. Ya know what’s a pain? Trying to find an advertisement based on a vague memory of it. No one wants to upload advertisements a standalone video.

***UPDATE*** I realized I can check my history of videos. Found the trailer! Really this is not indicative of the first episode though. Maybe it’ll get another episode or two to get more of an opinion.


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